Udupi & Pajaka Kshetra Tour

About Place: Udupi is the holiest place for those who follow the Dvaita Philosophy propounded by Sri Madhwacharya, the Kula Guru of the Madhwas. Udupi is a coastal town... Read more »

Kumbakonam Tour

About Place: Kumbakonam is considered among the most holy towns on Earth with 100s of Temples with their uniqueness located around here. It is one of the much sought... Read more »

Dakshinamurthy Temple

About Place: Sri Dakshinamurthy Shrine is located inside Sri Abath-Sahayeswarar Temple, where the main deity is Lord Shiva. About Deity: Sri Dakshinamurthy (Jupiter) is said to be a form... Read more »

Navagraha Tour Package

About Place Sriman Narayana created the Universe and Lord Brahma, who created the mortals. The Universe includes all things living and non-living while Brahma manages the birth-death cycle of... Read more »