Dakshinamurthy Temple

About Place:

Sri Dakshinamurthy Shrine is located inside Sri Abath-Sahayeswarar Temple, where the main deity is Lord Shiva.

About Deity:

Sri Dakshinamurthy (Jupiter) is said to be a form of Lord Shiva Himself and is revered as the most powerful among the Nince Grahas. The Lord is usually on to the right hand side of Lord Shiva’s linga form in the temples and is usually facing the South. The Lord is said to be the epitome of Knowledge and is said to bless His ardent devotees with abundant knowledge. He is known as Gyana Guru and is seen imparting knowledge to the Sanakadhi Sages.

Special Dates:

8th November 2019 is the Transit Date for Lord Guru (Brihaspathi / Jupiter) as He transits from Vrichika Rasi to Dhanur Rasi.

It is said to have immense benefits if one visits Alangudi around this time and seek the blessings of the Almighty.


Sivan S St, Alangudi, Tamil Nadu 612801, India

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