Kalabairavar Temple

The history of the Shrine of the arts are all deterrent. In 9th century, the king adhiyamaan was built on. It is only after the construction of the King won the war. The temple were built before 1200 years ago. He established the temple on the roof over the 9 influences wheel renewed. By this way,9 influences were left.In the 9th century, many Hindu temples were demolished by Enemies. At that time, the King Adhiyaman can not win the situation. At that time, vedic astrologer told to have regular piratistai on kalabairavar. And also they told not to build any separate temple for kalabairavar. Separate temple were situated only in kasi.Therefore astrologers told to go and make statues and temple here. They had to tell the species of ritual statues adhiyaman king built the temple in the fort kalabairavar.

Athiyaman Kottai, Salem Bye Pass Road, Adhiyaman Kottai, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu 636705, India

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