Kannayiram Udaiyar Temple

About Place:

This Sivastalam is located close to Vaitheeswaran Koyil.
The presiding deity is Kannayireswarar, Sahasranetreswarar and the
Ambal Murugulvalar
Kodaiyammai, Sugandha Kundalambika.
The sthala Vriksham is Sarakkonrai and the Theertham is Indra
Sambandar composed the Pathigam.
Legend has it that the Devas prayed to Siva to rid Indra of the curse
of Gowtama Rishi who had cursed his body to be covered with a
multitude of eyes, on account of his having deceived Ahalya. It is
also believed that Vishnu as Vamanar obtained the blessings of Siva,
prior to his setting out to Mahabali’s court and hence the name
Festivities are observed in the Tamil month of Kaartikai.


Pagasalai, Tamil Nadu 609117, India

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