Kumbakonam Tour

About Place:

Kumbakonam is considered among the most holy towns on Earth with 100s of Temples with their uniqueness located around here.

It is one of the much sought after Temple Towns in India for it provides a parihara and a vimochana for almost every trouble or ailment as one is facing their life due to the Karmas of the past and present births.

About Deity:

During the Parlaya Kaala (dissolution of the Universe), the pot of Lord Brahma which contained the seed of all human beings fell on the Earth at this place – thus the name, “Kumba” meaning Pot and Konam meaning place or corner.

The presiding temple is that of Lord Kumbeswarar who is none other than Lord Shiva and the adjoining tank is known as the Mahamaham Tank where the rituals are performed every 12 years. :order Saranapani Temple is among the largest Vaishnava Temples on Earth and the adjoining Sri Ramaswamy Temple have a deep connect with our Puranas such as The Ramayana.

There are over 100 Temples in and around Kumbakonam within a 50km radius and one would need at least 3 months to visit all the temples.

Almost every form or incarnation of Lord Sriman Narayana is said to have a temple abode in this region. Thanks to the subsequent rulers, many of the temples have a roof and wall while a few remain in a state of neglect due to scarcity of funds and devotees.

About Temple Architecture:

The Temples are said to have been built around the Sangam Era and spans the rule of various Kings, including the Pallavas, Cholas, Krishnadeva Rayas, Pandias and the Nayaks.

Special Dates:

Each Temple has a unique puranam associated with it and based on the deity, the Pooja dates differ. In effect, all 365 days are special dates for temples in Kumbakonam.

Pooja Timings:

Most Temples open around 6.00 am and close by 12.30 pm; Reopen around 4pm and close by 8.30 pm.

How To Reach:

Our Sarathy would be able to undertake a Tour for their Guests based on their requirements, budgets and time duration. Typically, a trip for 2 days would include around 15 days while a 4 day trip would enable the Guest to visit at least 25 temples. If one were to perform specific poojas, rituals or pariharams, then the number of temples would vary accordingly.


Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu – 612001 , India.


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