Nagaraja Temple

It is believed that the Naga Flower in this garden is worshiped as the symbol of Nagaraja image. It is also believed that the snakes around this place is protecting the Temple and the garden. This is a proven one in World’s Religious encyclopedia that eventhough lots of snakes are found, no one is died because of snake-biting and this is the specialty of this temple.Apart from Nagaraja, Lord Shiva in the form of Vaayu, Lord Thirumalin the form of Happiness are found. The penance posture of Parchuva Nathar and Maha Veerar of Jainism are depicted in the pillars of this temple. The front elevation remains us the strain of Nepal’s Buddhist religion. The temple is found as the assembled principle of Saivam, Vaishnavam, Jainism, Buddhism.

N Car St, Ozhuginasery, Tamil Nadu 629001, India

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