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About Place

Sriman Narayana created the Universe and Lord Brahma, who created the mortals. The Universe includes all things living and non-living while Brahma manages the birth-death cycle of a living being.

However, the Nine Planets, also known as Nava Grahas govern the life of a person. The position of these planets against the prevailing period of a person’s life as per their astrological horoscope will impact their day today life.

About Deity

While each Graha is part of the Nava Graha shrine in many temples worldwide, the Nine planets have their individual shrines in and around Kumbakonam although all of them are part of Lord Shiva Temples but for Lord Surya Narayana.

About Temple Architecture

Each Graha has a specific day for their special poojas such as Lord Surya on Sundays, Lord Guru on Thursdays and Lord Shani on Saturdays, to name a few.

Special Dates

Those affected by 7 1/2 Dasha of Lord Shani are required to visit the Lord at Thirunallaru and offer their obeisance to seek His blessings. Similarly each Graha needs to be appeased with specific pariharams.

Pooja Timings:

The Pooja Timings for each of the Nava Grahas are different based on the nature of the Parihar’a to be undertaken.

How To Reach:

Sarathy will organise an exclusive trip for you – from 1 person to a group size of upto 25, depending on your budgets & time.

Call 9176300058 for us to build a suitable itinerary for you.

Proposed Itinerary;

Day One
Vaitheeswaran Koil
Keezha Perumpallam

Day Two
Suryanaar Koil


Kumbakonam City, Tanjore Dist, Tamilnadu – 621001 .


Every Pooja ritual will be accompanied with a Prasadam.

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