Sengunthar Siva Subramania Swamy Temple

Everyone knows about the history surrounding the Kumarasamypettai Siva SubramanyaSwamyMurugan Temple. This temple was initially not so famous but about 100 years ago there an incident that happened in this temple. One thief entered the temple and tried to steal the ornaments of lord Siva SubramanyaSwamyMurugan. But as soon as the thief touched the idol of lord Siva SubramanyaSwamyMurugan, the thief loist his vision. After the loss of vision the thief cried due to pain and the people around the temple reached the temple to find out what was going on. The people got to know what had actually happened from the thief himself. The people who had gathered there, left the thief without punishing him as the thief had already been punished for whatever he had done. Only after this incident, people were acquainted with the power of lord Siva SubramanyaSwamyMurugan, and news about the same started circulating across all parts of the country.

Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu 636701, India

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