Shanmughanathar Temple

The place was originally called Kundrakudi as it was located in a hill (Kundram means hill in Tamil), which with the period of time became Kunnakudi. It is also called by other names like Mayuragiri, Mayilmalai, Arasavaram and Krishanagaram as the hill resembles the shape of a peacock.As per Hindu legend, sage Agasthya is believed to have worshipped Murugan at this place. As per another legend, Sooran, the demon king infuriated peacock, the sacred vehicle of Murugan. He told the bird that Garuda, the sacred vehicle of Vishnu and Swan, the sacred vehicle of Saraswati could travel faster than it. The peacock swallowed Garuda and the swan in anger. Vishnu prayed to Muruga to retrieve his vehicle back from the peacock, who readily acceded to the request. The peacock, realising its mistake, prayed Muruga by doing penance at this place.

Kundrakudi, Tamil Nadu 623305, India

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