Siruvachur Sri Madhurakaliamman Temple

Siruvachur Mathura Kaliaman temple at Siruvachur in Perambalur taluk is one of the most popular shrine in the district. The presiding deity of the temple is known as Sri Mathura Kaliamman. She is one of the forms of Kali. This temple has existed during The Chola period and that too during the Karpukarasi Kannaki of Silappathlgaram fame. The main deity of this temple at Siruvachur is Chelliamman. One sorcerer due to his wickedness controlled this deity and used her to carry out all his evil deeds. madurakaliamman temple siruvachur Majority of the devotees pray for wedding and child boon. It is the staunch faith of the people that solution is available from Mother Goddess for any problem as bodily problems litigations business matters etc. The Mother is very merciful and powerful taking care of Her devotees. madurakaliamman temple siruvachur.

Siruvacher, Tamil Nadu 621113, India

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