Sree Thanumalayan Temple

The religious significance of the temple is based on the fact that the main statue of linga represent Siva (Sthanu), Vishnu(Maal) and Brahma(Ayan), (giving the temple its name). The representation of the three central gods of Hinduism in one linga makes it unique in India.Anthroplogically, it may have stemmed from the fact that the main temple at Padmanabhapuram was Vaishnavite, and the Nanjil Pillais and other communities in Nagarcoil were primarily Shaivaites, because of the influences from Chola, Chera and Pandya kingdoms. One of the unique aspects of the temple is the presence of the Gods across the length and breadth of the Hindu pantheon, from Rama and Krishna to Amman and Kandan. The different Hindu sects from Vaishnavism, Shaivism, to more localised Tamil sects like Amman, Kandan are represented in the different idols of the temple.

Temple Pond,, Suchindram, Tamil Nadu 629704, India

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