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Vashista Maharishi’s sons and popularly known as Saptha Rishis gave their sabham to Yagnasharma, who was a well knowledged Demon, finally got his sabha vimochan being touched by the Thiruvadi of Emperumaan of this sthalam.Once, Devendran – Indiran did not give the proper respect to Devaguru Bragaspathi, because of this he doesnt want to see Indiran and disappeared suddenly as suggesed by Brahmadevan by keeping Vicchuvaruna as the Guru who is the son of sukiran (Thuvatta) to do yaagam.Inspite of doing Yaagam to strengthen the power of Devas, his mind was thinking that the power of Arakkas (Demon) should grow. Vicchuvaruna is a person who has 3 heads. Since he was basically a follower of Arakkas, his mind actually did the yaagam only to raise the power of Devas.By knowing this (ie mouth speaking one thing and his mind doing the opposite to it) through his Gnana Eye, Devendran Indiran using his Vajrayudh, cut the heads of Vicchuvaruna.His three heads changed into Eagle, Vulture and crow and was thrown into the air and at that time, he caught up with Brahmagathi Dhosham. To get him out of it, all the other Devas gave land, water, women and trees to clear the dhosham, but it was not cleared and finally only in this sthalam, this dhosham was cleared.Generally Emperumaan is said to be the whole structure of silence and soft. But at times, he himself change so arrogant to eradicate the evil from this world and because of this, this sthala perumal is also named as “Kaaichina Vendhan”.Sriman Narayanan’s general character is soft and calm and Lord Shiva’s general character is angry. But, in this sthalam, sriman Narayanan is showing the Character of Lord Shiva, which explains to the world that both of them are the same and should be treated as the same.Generally, the king who is ruling the country should not get angry at any particular time. But, if anything against the people of the country, he should get angry against the enemy to kill (or) punish them. Like the same, Sriman Narayanan here in this sthalam explains about the anger and gives his seva as “Kaaichina Vendhan” in Bhujanga sayanamand to get out from the curse of Yagnasharma given by the sons of vasishtar and the Brahmagathi dhosham.


ThiruPuliyangudi Temple Road, Thiruppuliangudi, Tamil Nadu 628620, India

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