Sri Lakshmipureeswaraswamy Temple

About Place:

The presiding deity is Mahalakshmeesar, Parikeswarar and the Ambal
Ulaga Nayaki, Loka Nayaki
The Theertham is Neelamalarppoikai
Sambandar, Appar and Sundarar composed the Pathigam.
Legend has it that Jamadagni and Parasuramar are said to have
worshipped here. Vishnu and Mahalakshmi are also said to have
worshipped here, hence the name Mahalakshmeeswarar.
It is believed that the Chola king’s retinue’s lamps used to get put
out upon crossing this temple. The sanskrit name here is Varthi
Nirvapanapuram, which translates into Tiri-ninravur, jibing with the
legend associated with Veera Cholan.


Thirunandriyur, Natham, Tamil Nadu 609118, India

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