Sri Madhurakaliamman Temple

The place where the temple was constructed is believed to be the place where Kannagi, the idol of the Tamil epic Silappatikaram, reassured herself after returning from Madurai.According to tradition, Chelliamman was a local deity of Siruvachur. Her powers became delimited by a tantric, who started using the powers and for destructive purposes.Kannagi came across this Devi temple at Siruvachur and decided to rest there for the night. During her stay, Chelliamman revealed her servitude, and Kannagi did away with the Tantric and saved Chelliamman.Kannagi now received the name as Mathura Kaliamman, as she is from Madurai & got rid of the tantric with the blessings of Kali. Chelliamman, as a gesture of gratitude and also in order to greet Mathura Kaliamman, moved to the Periaswamimali, a nearby hillock, requesting the latter to stay in Siruvachur to which Mathura Kaliamman accepted with a suggestion that the initial offerings shall be presented to her (Chelliamman).The temple is about 1000 years old.

Siruvacher, Tamil Nadu 621113, India

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