Sri Mayuranathar Temple

The legend behind Mayuranathaswami Temple in Mayiladuthurai is as interesting as the place is. The grandeur of the Chola architecture makes it one of the most beautiful shrines in Tamil Nadu.According to the legend, once Lord Shiva gets angered by Goddess Parvathi. So, he curses her to be born as a peahen. Later, she repents for her mistake and asksfor forgiveness. Hence, she prays at Mylapore and Mayiladuthurai to overcome the curse. Pleased by her penance, Lord Shiva is said to have forgiven her.Here Shiva is named as Mayuranathar as Goddess Parvathi worshipped him in the form of a peahen (Mayur). Therefore, the temple gets the name, Mayuranathaswami Temple.

Mayuranathar Colony, Maayavaram, Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu 609001, India

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