Sri Moorthy Perumal Temple

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This sthalam is said to be one of Suyambhu sthalam (Suyambhu means created (or) originated on its own) and to explain this speciality the perumal is found as “Nithya Saanthiyam” (always (or) permanently found).The Salagramam is said to be having Jeevan with in and considered to be one among the precious stones. If this Salagramam is kept in houses and done Poojas in a proper way, all the Ashta Lakshmis stay in our house and we can get out from all the burden.Like how, the Thiru Neeru (Vibhoodi) that is given in Lord Shivan temple doesnt have any dhosham, irrespective of the body condition, this Salagramam also have the same character.Since this Salagrama sthalam is said to be found on the bank of pure river (Kandaki Nadhi) and this Salagramam is said to be the stone of purity, there is no need to do the “Samprokshanam”.(Samprokshanam is a custom which is done to a temple whenever any false thing like anyone dies or bad issues happen in and around the Temple.)


Ranipauwa 33100, Nepal

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