Sri Seganmaal Ranganatha Perumal Temple

About Place:

According to the legend , Demon Hiranyaksha took the earth and hid it into the padala loka (the world underneath). All the sages and devas reached Lord Vishnu for protection and to maintain the stability of the world at its original place. Hence Lord decided to take the varaha incarnation. As Goddess Mahalakshmi worried about what to do if he leaves her, Lord Vishnu said to the divine serpent who serves as the Lord’s bed , to go to the Palasavanam and meditate on him. He also said that Lord Shiva also would join them and promised that he would be back after destroying the demon. Hence, this place is named as Tiruthetri Ambalam in Kaliyuga. Lord Vishnu also said that, the staunch devotee Sri Bashyakara would bring 108 scholars initiated to Vaishnavism to this place and that he would take care and protect all beings.


Sirkazhi, Tamil Nadu, India

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