Sri Thothatrinatha Perumal Temple

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The presiding deity of this Sri Thothathrinatha Perumal Temple is Lord Thothathrinathan (Lord Vishnu) and the goddess of the temple is Varamangai Thayaar (Goddess Lakshmi). The main feature of this temple is that the temple has the deities of 11 swayambu moorthies. And the other deities are Chakratalwar, Lakshmi Varahar, Vishwaksenar, Lakshmi Narayanan, Tirukacchi Nambi, Kannan, Srinivasan, Alwars and Acharyas, Ramanujar, Kooratalwar, Andal, Rama, Pillai Lokacharyar, Venugopala, Manavala Mamunigal.The legend says that the king Kaarya Maharaja did not have a child and so worshiped Lord Nambi at Thirukurungudi asking boon for a child. Lord Nambi appeared before the king and asked him to perform rituals to the deity who is present beneath the earth at Nanguneri. As Lord Nambi said, the king dug the earth and found blood gushing out from the head of the deity. The king was shocked and prayed to Lord Nambi. Lord Nambi asked the king to perform oil Abishekam to that found deity.And after the completion of the oil Abishekam he asked the king to throw the oil into pond near the place. After performing this, the king was believed to have blessed with a child. Performing Oil Abishekam everyday to the presiding deity and dropping the oil into the temple tank is followed in this temple even today. The oil has been named as ‘Sarva Roha Nivarani’ by the sage Agastya, which is believed to have medicinal behavior to cure both the internal and external illness of the devotees.


No. 159/1, Southratha St, Kamaraj Nagar, Nanguneri, Tamil Nadu 627108, India

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