Sri Vakra Kali Amman Sannathi

As per the information displayed at the temple, it is more than 2000 years old and was built by King Adithya Chola.According to legend that there was once a Demon King called Vakrasuran, who, being a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva and had performed rigorous penance here. Pleased by his penance, Lord Shiva granted him the boon of immortality. Empowered with immortality, he started terrorizing the celestial gods (Devas). The Devas pleaded with Lord Shiva to save them from Vakrasuran’s atrocities. Lord Shiva asked Lord Mahavishnu to kill Vakrasuran, In the fight between Lord Vishnu and Vakrasuran, as soon as Vakrasuran’s blood touched the ground, demons started forming in its place. Vakkra Kali (Goddess Parvathi) was sent to drink the blood without letting it drop to the ground. Mahavishnu used his Sri Chakra and killed Vakrasuran. When Vakrasuran’s sister Dhunmukhi came to the battle field, she was pregnant. Goddess Parvathi took out the baby, wore it in her ear as earring and then killed Dhunmukhi. After killing Dhunmukhi, she stayed there in the form of Vakrakali.

Thiruvakkarai, Tamil Nadu 605501, India

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