Thiruvilankadu temple

There is yet another image of Nataraja, housed within the sanctum of Vadaranyeswarar. To save the earth from the rage of Kali, born out of her vanquishing the demons Sumban and Nisumban, at the request of Naradar, Lord Shiva agreed to a dance duel and defeated Kali by raising his left foot, to adorn his ear with an earring that had slipped away during the duel – a posture that Kali could not repeat and admitted defeat.Inscriptions here dating back to the 5th century speak of grants given by Rajendra Cholan for the upkeep of the temple. The towers and the walls surrounding courtyards are of the 12th and the 13th centuries. It is inferred from the inscriptions that an earlier Pallava temple was reconstructed and renovated during the Chola rule, and during the later Chola period (1075 – 1120) beginning with the reign of Kulottunga Chola I the temple campus was enlarged.

Thiruvavaduthurai, Tamil Nadu 609810, India

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